Housing FAQs

Are the prices per-person?
For $39 per person, per night, you are reserving ONE BED in a room that sleeps two people.  If you know the person you’d like to room with, you should each reserve a bed, and request one another as roommates.

No Minors Permitted
For liability and legal reasons, we can not host anyone under the age of 18 in on-campus dorm housing. If you are bringing minors to participate in the High School Track, you will need to find off-campus accommodations instead.  See recommended hotels at the Registration & Travel Page.

Exception: Parents bringing their own young children can be accommodated.  Please contact housing@uywi.org.

What are the housing reservation deadlines?

  • APRIL 28 – Please submit your housing reservation by April 28 for optimal roommate matching and placement with your group.
  • MAY 10 – The last day to make housing reservations is Wed May 10th.
  • ON-SITE – It is likely that we will be able to accommodate some minor changes and additions at the door, and we will do our best to honor roommate requests, but there are no guarantees.  If you will be adding a group of four or more at the door, please let us know ASAP. Email housing@uywi.org

What if I prefer a hotel instead?
Return to the Registration & Travel Page for local hotel options.

A Note to Groups of 3 or More:
If you have three or more people who could share a room, you may find a hotel to be the more affordable option. This is because the dorms are charged on a per-person basis, and a hotel charges on a per-room basis. The dorms are the affordable option for solo travelers and pairs, but larger groups may want to consider the pros and cons of an off-site hotel listed at Registration & Travel Page

Arrival & Logistics

Check-In & Check-Out Times:

  • Wednesday 6pm-8pm at Felix Event Center.  8pm-1am at Trinity Hall.
  • Thursday 8:30am-7:30pm at Felix Event Center.  7:30pm-1am at Trinity Hall.
  • Friday 8:30am-7:30pm at Felix Event Center.  7:30pm-1am at Trinity Hall
  • Saturday Check-Out  8am-6pm at Trinity Hall
  • Sunday Check-Out 5am-Noon at Trinity Hall

What if I’m arriving or departing outside the official hours?
It is MANDATORY that you make arrangements in advance.  Email Housing@uywi.org and let us know the names and phone numbers of all people involved, and your time of arrival/departure.

Where should I go first upon arrival?
Consult the Check-In/Check-Out times above.  If you are arriving during normal registration times, please come to the Felix Event Center on West Campus first, to check-in and receive your  dorm keys. (Leave your luggage in the car)  Then proceed to East Campus/Dorms.   If you are arriving late at night or during hours listed as “Trinity Hall” then proceed directly there to receive your dorm key.

Where are the dorms located, in relation to the rest of the conference?

APU Dorm Map 2016

Where can I park?
Park in Lot A, the first big main lot on your left after the East Campus main entrance.  If you are assigned to the “Mods” you may park near your unit.  Never park in Lot D (adjacent to Engstrom Hall), which is for APU Staff only.

About Your Accommodations:

Tell me about the rooms.
Most men and women will be placed in dorm rooms that hold two people each, with community bathrooms down the hall.  Men and women will be on different floors.
Couples will be placed in a four-person apartment (two bedrooms / two couples) with a shared bathroom.  All the beds are Twin beds.

Will I have a roommate?
If you do not select a roommate, you may (or may not) be matched with another guest, depending on capacity.

Can I get my own room?  (Single Occupancy)
Yes, we are able to accommodate single-occupancy requests at an additional cost.   Please enter the word “SINGLE” in the promotional code field to reveal the Single Occupancy Rates.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag or towels?
APU will provide bed linens (sheets, blanket, pillow & pillowcase), and bathroom linens (towel, washcloth).  Some people prefer to bring extra linens for added comfort.  Please bring your own toiletries.  We recommend flip-flops for the shower.

Can I stay for just Thursday or just Friday night?
I’m sorry, no.  Thursday & Friday are a package deal during the main time of the conference. There is also an option to add Wednesday or Saturday.  We’d love to see you there for the whole conference!

What about Meals?
On Thursday and Friday, food is available for purchase in the Heritage Food Court (Grill, Coffee, Grab & Go), as well as from food trucks in the parking lot.  On Saturday, UYWI will provide a Grab-and-Go Breakfast on Saturday morning, and a Box Lunch on Saturday.  Here’s some more detail on food options and hours. 


What is your cancellation/refund policy?
If you cancel your reservation by April 28th, we can refund the cost of your room. After April 28th there are no refunds because we have to guarantee our housing numbers to APU.

Is my housing reservation transferrable to someone else?
Yes, but please contact us at housing@uywi.org ASAP.  If the transfer involves a change in housing type (Male/Female/Couple) then we will need to change your room placement, so the sooner we know about it, the better.